Дата рождения


Полный профиль

Любимый цвет

Pink, turquoise, black and white.

Я люблю когда меня зовут

Bri, Brivy, Dasha, Brooke, Gven, Sveta

Расскажи о себе

I am cheerful, mischievous, mega positive and just fidget! I don’t like to sit idle, I definitely something to deal with. I like to read, play, sing, dance … I will not list everything, and the hobby is not enough!))) When you grow up I wanted to be an actress. I would like to be a fashion designer, stylist, hairdresser, an engineer, a policeman, singer, model, but then one person told me: «to become a great actress! Just feel and feel on the spot your heroine! «I learned how to do all this and now realize that no mistake in choosing their future career. My best friend Christina Semkovič (Light Sad). She knows me like none other. Everyone knows that only reinforce the Friendship House quarrels, we can say that we have with Kristej the strongest home! My mother name is Oksana and dad Andrew. I love’em. What else to say? Well …I guess that’s all!

Мое хобби

I love to read! Yes, Yes! All the kids in my age don’t like to read, and I love it! As I said I want to be an actress so I go to the theatre circle. I love to dance and sing. Paint I don’t master, but still something, yes I can! Love talk to Christina on the phone and walk. All my hobbies do not list their o-o-o-o-o-o-o-a lot!

Любимая группа

Tattoo, Ink, Vintage, degrees, Tears of asphalt, Guests from the future, Fidgets, Magicians, Barbariki.

Книги, которые я читаю

I love the different books. I read Mark levy and Leo Tolstoy. Erich Maria Remarque also good writes. Arthur Konandoil and Agatha Christie Kings detectives! Exupery, Chekhov, Dostoevsky …

Я мечтаю о...

I dream of a career as an actress and true love! Find true love is not so simple, although for each counter guy do you want to go beyond the husband!

Я люблю...

I love to eat and sing, to dance, to dream, to dream, to flirt, fall in love, to love, to laugh, cry, think ….

Любимое время года



Ask Amy Sad! It is not against!)))

Любимый цветок

Rose color of the dried blood!

Вредные привычки (если есть)

love to sleep!


I love it very much, but it knows only Christina Semkovich!


St. Petersburg, Pushkin

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