say my name.


I wanna go

So what’d you say

When you gonna let me know

If you give a damn about me

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‘Cause you got my hands tied

In my defense

I always fall for confidence

And your compliments look good on me


I wanna dance

I wanna dance

I wanna dance with you

So take a chance

Take a chance

i was barely just surviving

i was barely just surviving

a l u i na

a l u i na

pied piper

pied piper

go hard

go hard

wish i’d never grown up

wish i’d never grown up

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  1. émma - 29.10.2016, 12:36

    работа превосходна,как всегда *О*
    возьму 3 и 4 аватарки с:

  2. decemberine - 29.10.2016, 13:03

    чудненько .

  3. Aria - 29.10.2016, 16:22


  4. параллель - 29.10.2016, 17:45

    очень классно :З

  5. │Payne│ - 29.10.2016, 21:55

    Шестую возьму. Вери бьютифул.

  6. - - 30.10.2016, 11:51

    Чудесная работа)

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