I’m on the floor, floor
I love to dance
So give me more, more, ’til I can’t stand

Get on the floor, floor
Like it’s your last chance
If you want more, more
Then here I am

Star ships were meant to fly
Hands up and touch the sky
Can’t stop ’cause we’re so high
Let’s do this one more time


ностальгия от соши


stuck with me

stuck with me

i was barely just surviving

i was barely just surviving

a l u i na

a l u i na

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  1. - - 29.06.2017, 10:09

    Атмосферная работа :з
    Возьму 1 аву

  2. J I N - 02.07.2017, 01:06

    ОЧень красиво) Возьму 4.

  3. дин. - 02.07.2017, 05:40

    Возьму 5, красиво как. черт

  4. decemberine - 02.07.2017, 08:55

    спасибо :)

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