♣️ liar

What do you want from me? Just let me breathe a little
What do you want to see? What's in front of your eyes?
What do you want to believe? Still nothing can be settled
Hold on your words you say
It's no good


What are your demands? 
What do you think you're getting out of this? 
One breaks into two!! I still don't understand
What this all is, I don't know
Beside me, laughing, you are...

Hey Liar, Hey Liar
What do you think of living without me?
Hey Liar, Hey Liar
Not knowing what's lies, what is truth?

Miss me?


hear me roar

hear me roar



Ce que t’as dans la poitrine, c’est à moi.

Ce que t’as dans la poitrine, c’est à moi.

hello, raskolnikov.

hello, raskolnikov.

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  1. Картинка профиля April Argent

    April Argent - 18.06.2017, 17:51

    Красиво очень

  2. Картинка профиля параллель

    параллель - 18.06.2017, 22:38

    ля прикольно

  3. Картинка профиля Йоши.

    Йоши. - 20.06.2017, 14:41

    Всю публикацию пропел :D
    Взял 9, работа классная

  4. Картинка профиля m a s h a

    m a s h a - 20.06.2017, 16:32

    Как атмосферно

  5. Картинка профиля decemberine

    decemberine - 26.06.2017, 17:13

    исходники крутые, но качество.

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